A course in I-language: pdf slides organized by topic and/or chapter, with .tex files and graphics to enable easy adaptation to any classroom organization.

A file containing all data sets and tables from the book is also provided below for building slides from scratch. Browse by topic; right-click (PC) or ctrl+click (Mac) the .pdf or .tex link to save a file.

.tex files are used with LaTeX, a highly versatile (and free!) typsetting suite. Download LaTeX at the LaTeX project (click). Get started with LaTeX for Linguists (click). These files are ready for regular latex, not pdflatex. You will need to change the path for embedded graphics files in each .tex document.

        An Introductory Lecture

These slides introduce some of the data sets and ideas in Chapter 1.

.pdf | .tex (zipped with image files)

        Fundamental Arguments       

These slides introduce the Three Fundamental Arguments developed by Ray Jackendoff in his Patterns in the Mind. These arguments are not used directly in the book, but they provide a useful framework for discussion.

.pdf | .tex (zipped with image files)

        More Fundamentals

This lecture further analyzes the Fundamental Arguemnts and relations among them, as well as providing illustration of the arguments with lingistic data from various languages and components of the grammar (phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics.

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        Chapter 6 Data        

These slides contain the data from Chapter 6 used to develop the notion of equivalence class in various domains of grammar.

.pdf | .tex (zipped with image files)

        Anaphor Binding        

The slides in this set follow the account of anaphor binding from Chapter 8.

.pdf | .tex (zipped with image files)


The ergativity data and related issues from Chapter 9 are contained in these slides.

.pdf | .tex (zipped with image files)

        Complete set of examples, etc.        

The complete set of examples, tables, figures, exercises and graphics from the book is available here in a single document (not in slide format). You can make your own slides, handouts and exercises by selecting what you need and adding your own materials.

.pdf | .tex (zipped with image files)

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