Site credits

The following people played roles in the construction of this site. All were students (mainly undergraduates) in Concordia University's linguistics program at the time of preparation.

Linda Cochrane, Nicholas Kembell, Tyler Marghetis, Sabina Matyiku, Hisako Noguchi, Ezgi Özdemir, Maxime Piché, Marc Simpson, Alexis Wellwood

Errata for 2008 edition

  • On page xi near the bottom, Ur Shlonsky's name was misspelled.
  • On page 57, in example 4.5, "vowels of each syllables" should read "vowels of each syllable".
  • On page 90, "they does turn out to have the power to capture..." should read "they do turn out to have the power to capture..."
  • In Chapter 5: In the exercises, we intended the phrase "non-null string of a's and b's" to mean "a string having at least one a or one b" but it can also be taken to mean "a string containing at least one a and one b". Your answers will change depending on how you interpret the phrase.
  • On page 133, "[lif] and [fi]" should read [lif] and [fil]"
  • On page 190, Question 8.7.1, "Hypothesis II" should read "Hypothesis III".
  • On page 190 at the bottom, "p.-t." should be "e.-i.", as in item 10 on page 191. For item 10, five tree diagrams are expected.
  • On page 273, "an ideal speaker listener" should read "an ideal speaker-listener".