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Cognitive science is the study of intelligence in humans, other animals, and in artificial systems. It includes the study of representations and processes involved in the acquisition, development, storage and use of information in areas such as language, perception, learning, memory, decision making, attention, knowledge, reasoning, consciousness, and the control of action. Traditional disciplines that bear on the interests of cognitive scientists include linguistics, psychology, philosophy, computer science, neuroscience, anthropology, biology and physics.

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CCSG provides a forum for communication, organization of events, and collaborative research and teaching for cognitive scientists in the Concordia Community. It was founded in November 2007 by Roberto de Almeida, Dana Isac and Charles Reiss.



Concordia Participants by Program

Computer Science



  • Murray Clarke (Philosophy of Mind, Rationality Theory, Evolutionary Psychology)


INDI Students

Although it is possible to study aspects of Cognitive Science within a single program or department, students can also design a graduate program in Cognitive Science in the context of the Cognitive Science Research Current of Concordia's Individualized Programs (INDI). An individualized program of study provides the possibility for research and graduate studies at both the master's (MA or MSc) and doctoral (PhD)  levels in areas not covered by existing graduate programs, or in areas that combine traditional disciplines. Multidisciplinary fields like Cognitive Science are particularly well-suited for INDI, which facilitates the formation of supervisory committees that span several departments, or even several faculties, at Concordia. A student with interest in language might work with linguists, psychologists and computer scientists, for example.

Several INDI MA students have gone on to PhD programs in Linguistics and Cognitive Science.

See the INDI page or contact us for details.

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The following cog sci courses have been suggested as (potentially) open to students from outside of the home department. For example, a listed advanced philosophy course may welcome linguistics and psychology students. See the undergraduate and graduate calendars and course schedules at for official descriptions, as well as the links below. If you have trouble registering for a course, contact the professor directly for permission and to arrange waiver of prerequisites. Obvious introductory courses like Intro Linguistics and Intro Psychology are not listed here.

  • Fall 2008: PHIL 425. Cognitive Science. Instructor Murray Clarke says "It is cross-listed as a Master's course. I will be looking at recent material on concepts, modularity, and nativism by authors such as Stich, Fodor, Carruthers, Cosmides and Tooby, Barrett, Samuels, and others. Last year I had a number of very good students from Psychology and Linguistics."
  • Fall 2008: PSYC 725F/2LA. The Cognitive Neuroscience of Concepts and Categories: ''Special Topic" Graduate Seminar. Instructor Roberto G. de Almeida. Click here for syllabus.
  • Winter 2009: PSYC 727D/4. Judgement and Decision: Cognitive, Behavioural & Neurobiological Approaches. Instructor Peter Shizgal will know in October if places remain for additional students. Click here for syllabus.
  • Each term: LING 222. Language and Mind: The Chomskyan Program. The instructor this year is Alan Bale; the book is by Dana Isac and Charles Reiss.
  • Some instructors of the Psychology courses Sensation and Perception 1 and 2 and Cognition 1 and 2 (PSYC 349, 350, 352, 353) have welcomed students without the standard prerequisites in the past. You should contact the appropriate professor for the course and term.



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