Welcome to the companion website of I-Language, an introductory textbook for Linguistics as cognitive science.

About this site

This site is for students and teachers using our textbook and for anyone else interested in linguistics and cognitive science. We discuss a lot of this material in our course Language and Mind: The Chomskyan Program at Concordia University in Montreal. The material is suitable for a range of levels, and the book is used by us and our colleagues for both intro undergraduate courses in linguistics and PhD seminars in philosophy and cognitive science.

This site provides some of the audio materials discussed in the book, as well as class slides we use in our course.

If you have any materials or links to contribute, please write to us. We are also grateful for feedback on the book.

picture of I-language textbook second edition
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picture of I-language textbook first edition
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About the authors

Daniela Isac and Charles Reiss teach Linguistics in the CMLL Department at Concordia University, Montreal. To contact the authors, please email to cognitivescience AT concordia DOT ca.