An Introduction to Linguistics as Cognitive Science

Welcome to the companion website of I-Language, an introductory textbook for Linguistics as cognitive science.

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About this site

This site is for students and teachers using our textbook and for anyone else interested in linguistics and cognitive science. We discuss a lot of this material in our course Language and Mind: The Chomskyan Program at Concordia University in Montreal, where we teach 100 students per term. The material is suitable for a range of levels, and the book is used by us and our colleagues for both intro undergraduate courses in linguistics and PhD seminars in philosophy and cognitive science. If you have any materials or links to contribute, please write to us. We are also grateful for feedback on the book.

Editorial reviews of the 1st (2008) edition

"This book is an engaging and pioneering introduction to Biolinguistic theory construction and scientific method. It's one of very few texts I've ever read that clarifies, with formal yet accessible linguistic analyses and argument, the Chomskyan shift in focus away from treating human language as some kind of non-psychological human-external entity to the study of human language as "I-language" - a cognitive system embedded within the mind/brain of each individual." — Professor Samuel Epstein, University of Michigan 06/12/2007

"Strikingly original and fully student-oriented, this book covers all the bases of modern linguistic theory from a single perspective: the workings of the human mind. Breaking with the traditional organization of a linguistics textbook, Isac and Reiss juxtapose an engaging presentation of linguistic analysis with exciting discussion of relevant aspects from cognitive science and philosophy. This is arguably the most stimulating introductory textbook around today, offering an approach that I now know was sorely missed." — Dr Jan-Wouter Zwart, University of Groningen 06/12/07

About the authors

Daniela Isac and Charles Reiss teach Linguistics in the CMLL Department at Concordia University, Montreal. To contact the authors, please email to cognitivescience AT concordia DOT ca.