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The lingmontreal list will serve to  disseminate information on Montreal area linguistics events.

To subscribe to the list:

1) Send a PLAIN TEXT message to FROM THE ACCOUNT THAT YOU WANT SUBSCRIBED. You must tell your email program to send in plain text before sending the message. (Here's how to send plain text in gmail )

2) In the body of the message, write the following 2 lines:

subscribe lingmontreal

3) There must not be any blank lines either before or in between the above two lines.

Nothing else is required. You will receive confirmation of your subscription from majordomo within a few minutes, if you followed these steps correctly. You will have problems, however, if you have a spam filter turned on.

To unsubscribe send the message "unsubscribe lingmontreal" to

To send a message to the whole list, address your email to lingmontreal AT lists.concordia (put dot here) ca. Make sure you are sending from your subscribed address. .

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