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All linguistics students should subscribe to this list.

The lingthing list will serve to disseminate information to all Concordia linguistics students or anyone else interested in our courses and events. This list will mostly be used for administrative issues, such as the addition or cancellation of courses, and thus it will not overlap too much in content with the lingmont list or the Linguistics Student Association list.

If you do not have an email account you can get a free one at or any number of other places, but beware of hotmail--their accounts seem to cause constant problems.  Please do not use hotmail accounts. You also can get an account on Alcor at the Computing Services booth on the 9th floor of the Hall Building.

To subscribe to the list send an email message from YOUR account to The message body (not the subject line) should just say `subscribe lingthing' without the quotation marks. Your mail program should be set to send plain text messages, not html.  Nothing else is required. You will receive confirmation of your subscription from majordomo within a few minutes, if you followed these steps correctly. To unsubscribe send the message "unsubscribe lingthing" to You will be unsubscribed automatically if your messages bounce back to the list owner.

To send a message to the whole list, address your email to lingthing AT concordia (put dot here) ca.

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