Annual General Assembly

Time: November 1st, 20h – 20h45
Place: H-661.2


  1. Mid-term/end-of-year report. Q&A** regarding the LSA’s activities so far and those to come.
  2. Recruitment of candidates for 2013-2014 exec team. Anyone with even the slightest curiosity in the possibility of running for a position should come. The current team will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the process of submitting your candidacy.
  3. Meal. Once again this year, we’ll have food ordered in. Take some time to socialize to introduce yourselves to each other. Make sure to eat enough if you follow us to the pub social.

Every linguistics student is highly encouraged to come joins us at the general assembly. We will also be entertaining a pub social immediately after and everyone is welcome to follow the conversations at Andrew’s Pub (1239 Guy).


**Make sure you submit your questions by email, should you not be able to join us.

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