Activities & Services

The LSA organizes activities. And it provides services. The exact nature and scheduling is subject to variation from semester to semester but here is a quick list of things we do pretty consistently.


The student lounge
H-665. We share the lounge with Classics and Modern Languages students. The lounge is a great place to study or meet up with fellow CMLL students. Use the blackboard to expose your latest theoretical insights, heat your lunch with the communal microwave, or catch a nap on the couch: it’s yours! All that we ask is that you remain respectful of the space by cleaning up after yourself. 

H-663-20. Linguistics books are available for LSA members to borrow. Inventory to appear here.

Peer tutoring
Please see the “Peer Tutoring” page to either become a tutor or find help.



Weekly Social Events
The best way to meet new or old friends. These events are a mix of pub socials, board game nights, and other activities.

The Wine and Cheese
A semi-formal event held at the end of each semester that is open to both students and staff. Come and enjoy wine, food, music, and conversation.

Linguistics talks
Several professionals that are doing research in different fields of linguistics are invited to Concordia present academic findings and hold Q&As.

An opportunity for students to learn–or hone–the skill of using programs like LaTeX and Praat.

The Concordia Linguistics Symposium
Once a year, the Department organizes, jointly with the LSA, an all-day symposium for linguistics students to come and present work of their own.

…and many more!

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