The 46th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society

October 16-18, 2015

Concordia University, Montreal

This is an archive of the abstracts (and handouts/posters when available) of the talks and posters presented at NELS 46, organized in alphabetical order by author(s)'s name(s). Please note that the authors' affiliations are at the time of the conference (i.e. October 2015). For the conference proceedings, please consult GLSA Publications at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. For the submission statistics, click here.

Invited Talks:

Barner, David (UCSD) Number and Natural Language

Bhatt Rajesh (UMass), joint work with Vincent Homer. PPIs and Movement in Hindi-Urdu [abstract]

Hacquard, Valentine (UMD), joint work with Ailis Cournane. Theme and variations in the expression of modality [abstract]

Inkelas, Sharon (UC Berkeley) Re re-representing phonology: consequences of Q theory [abstract]

Preminger, Omer (UMD) Head movement, phrasal movement, and clitic doubling: towards a principled typology [handout]


Aravind, Athulya (MIT) Minimality and WH licensing in Malayalam [abstract]

Beltrama, Andrea (U. Chicago) Exploring metalinguistic intensification: The case of Extreme Degree Modifiers [abstract]

Biezma, Maria (U. Konstanz), Rawlins, Kyle (Johns Hopkins) Or what?: Challenging the speaker [abstract]

Blanchette, Frances (CUNY) English Negative Concord and Double Negation [abstract]

Blok, Dominique (Utrecht) The semantics and pragmatics of directional numeral modifiers [abstract]

Bruening, Benjamin (U. Delaware), Al Khalaf, Eman (U. Delaware) Linear Order in Syntax: Selection and Coordination [abstract]

Cable, Seth (UMass) The Special Implicatures of Optional Past Tense: The Tlingit Decessive and 'Discontinuous Past' [abstract] [handout]

Charnavel, Isabelle (Harvard) Addressing Supersloppiness [abstract] [handout]

Collins, James (Stanford) Composition and opacity without articles: A case study in Tagalog [abstract]

Douglas, Jamie (Cambridge) The That-trace and anti that-trace effects [abstract] [handout]

Dresher, Elan (U. Toronto), Hall, Daniel (St. Mary's) Trade-offs in the contrastive hierarchy: Voicing versus continuancy in Slavic [abstract]

Epstein, Samuel (UMich), Kitahara, Hisatsugu (Keio), Seely, Daniel (EMU) Implications of an Unrecognized Form of Merge [abstract]

Erlewine, Michael Yoshitaka (U. Singapore), Kotek, Hadas (McGill) Unifying Definite and indefinite free relatives: Evidence from Mayan [abstract] [handout]

Garcia-Pardo, Alfredo (USC) Decomposing the VP: aspect, argument structure and the instrumental-subject alternation [abstract]

Gietz, Frederick (U. Toronto), Jurgec, Peter (U. Toronto), Percival, Maida (U. Toronto) Linguistic Shift Work: Not So Strange After All (Shifting in Harmonic Serialism) [abstract]

Goodhue, Daniel (McGill) Epistemic must is not evidential, it's epistemic [abstract]

Hartmann, Jutta (Tübingen), Heycock, Caroline (Edinburgh) Evading agreement: a new perspective on low nominative agreement in Icelandic [abstract]

Henderson, Robert (U. Arizona), Coon, Jessica (McGill) When Adverbs Embed Clauses [abstract]

Himmelreich, Anke (Leipzig) Variation in Case Matching Effects: Evidence for Two-Step Bidirectional Agree [abstract]

Hirsch, Aron (MIT) "DP conjunction" as vP conjunction: a case for conjunction reduction [abstract]

Hsieh, I-Ta Chris (NTHU) Actuality Entailment and Evidentials [abstract]

Hsu, Brian (USC) Unification of Feature Scattering and M-Merger as Coalescence [abstract] [handout]

Ingason, Anton Karl (UPenn) Suffixation Under Structural Adjacency [abstract]

Jung, Wonsuk (Basque Country) Two Rules in Ellipsis Strategy [abstract]

Klecha, Peter (UConn), Bochnak, Ryan (Manchester) Temporal Remoteness and Relativity [abstract]

Korsah, Sampson (Leipzig), Murphy, Andrew (Leipzig) Tonal reflexes of successive-cyclic movement in Asante Twi [abstract] [handout]

Landau, Idan (Ben Gurion) Hybrid Nouns and Agreement Zones within DP [abstract] [handout]

Li, Haoze (NYU) Fragment Questions: Deleting question items [abstract]

Longenbaugh, Nicholas (MIT) The Two predicates Tough [abstract]

Maier, Erik (UC Berkeley) As above but below: Karuk Directional Suffixes as "Low Applicatives" [abstract]

Martin Fabienne (Stuttgart) The fake imperfective aspect in subjunctive conditionals is real [abstract]

Marušič, Lanko (Nova Gorica), Willer-Gold, Jana (UCL), Arsenijević, Boban (NIS/Potsdam), Nevins, (Andrew UCL) Can agreement with the linearly closest conjunct be derived in syntax proper? [abstract]

Mendia, Jon Ander (UMass) Focusing on scales: Superlatives as scalar modifiers [abstract]

Nicolae, Andreea (ZAS Berlin) Simple disjunction PPIs -- a case for obligatory epistemic inferences [abstract] [handout]

Nicolae, Andreea (ZAS), Elliott, Patrick (UCL), Sudo, Yasutada (UCL) List Readings of Conjoined Singular Which-Phrases [abstract] [handout]

O'Hara, Charlie (USC) Harmony in Harmonic Grammar by Reevaluating Faithfulness [abstract] [handout]

Oseki, Yohei (NYU) Is Suppletion Local?: Evidence from Ainu [abstract]

Overfelt, Jason (Haverford College/UMass) When Variable Re-binding Bleeds Antecedent Contained Deletion [abstract]

Park, Dongwoo (UMD) VP as Ellipsis Site in Korean: Evidence for the derivational PF deletion theory [abstract]

Romero, Maribel (U. Konstanz) POS and the relative proportional reading of many [abstract]

Sakamoto, Yuta (UConn) Overtly Empty but Covertly Complex [abstract]

Sande, Hannah (UC Berkeley) Amharic Infixing Reduplication [abstract]

Sprouse, Jon (UConn), Indurkhya, Sagar (MIT), Fong, Sandiway (U. Arizona), Berwick, Robert (MIT) Colorless green ideas do sleep furiously: the necessity of grammar [abstract]

Stanton, Juliet (MIT) Effects of Allophonic Vowel Nasalization on NC Clusters [abstract] [handout]

Staroverov, Peter (Leipzig) Productivity of the Buriat dorsal-zero alternation [abstract]

Tollan, Rebecca (U. Toronto) Unergatives and Split Ergativity in Samoan [abstract]

Vicente, Luis (Potsdam) ATB Extraction without coordination [abstract] [handout]

Wurmbrand, Susi (UConn) Crossing clauses covertly -- difficult but not impossible [abstract]

Xiang, Yimei (Harvard) Questions are higher-ordered: Solving the dilemma between uniqueness and mention-some [abstract]

Zu, Vera (NYU) Competition and Obviation from French to Newari [abstract]


Alonso-Ovalle, Luis (McGill), Men\'endez-Benito, Paula (Pompeu Fabra) Modal Selectivity in the Nominal Domain: Spanish "Uno Cualquiera" [abstract]

Alxatib, Sam (CUNY) Actuality Entailments in Palestinian Arabic [abstract]

Atlamaz, Ümit (Rutgers), Baker, Mark (Rutgers) On Agreement With and Past Oblique Subjects: New Considerations Based on Kurmanji [abstract]

Bacovcin, Hezekiah Akiva (UPenn), Freeman, Aaron (UPenn) Infixation, Integration and Phonological Cycles: Evidence from Akkadian Verbal Morphology [abstract]

Baron, Christopher (UMass, UMD) Generalized Concept Generators [abstract]

Bartošová, Jitka (McMaster), Kučerová, Ivona (McMaster) Multiple-Agree conspiracy: On PERSON, animacy and copular agreement [abstract] [poster]

Baunaz, Lena (U. Gent) The fseq of Serbo Croatian, Modern Greek and French complementizers [abstract]

Božič, Jurij (McGill) Locality Exponence in Distributed Morphology: Root Suppletion in Slovenian [abstract] [poster]

Branan, Kenyon (MIT) Case sensitive A-bar movement [abstract]

Broś, Karolina (U. Warsaw) Stratum junctures and conterfeeding -- against the current formulation of cyclicity in Stratal OT [abstract]

Champollion, Lucas (NYU) Linking the collective-distributive opposition and the telic-atelic opposition [abstract] [poster]

Chen, Victoria (U. Hawaii), Fukuda, Shin (U. Hawaii) "Absolutive" marks extractions, not case: against the syntactic ergative analysis for the Austronesian-type voice system [abstract]

Chen, Yi-Hsun (Rutgers) Actuality Entailment and Quantificational Adverb Effect in Mandarin [abstract]

Clemens, Lauren (SUNY Albany) A Prosodic Account of Pseudo Noun Incorporation [abstract]

Compton, Richard (UQAM) Mutually conditioned mood and object agreement in Inuit [abstract]

Dadan, Marcin (UConn) Preposition omission in sluicing: teasing apart LF-copying and PF-deletion in a hybrid system [abstract]

Eythórsson, Thorhallur (U. Iceland), Ingason, Anton Karl (UPenn), Sigurðsson, Einar (UPenn) Explicit realization of weak arguments [abstract]

Gjersøe, Siri (Leipzig) The Syntax-Prosody Interface of Downstep in Kikuyu: Evidence for a Stratal OT Account [abstract]

Goodhue, Daniel (McGill), Harrison, Lyanne (McGill), Su, Yuen Tung Clémentine (McGill), Wagner, Michael (McGill) Toward a bestiary of English intonational contours [abstract]

Goto, Nobu (U. Toyo) Labelability = Extractability: Its Theoretical Implications for the Free-Merge Hypothesis [abstract] [poster]

Gould, Isaac (MIT) Modeling Verb Placement Errors in Child Swiss German: The role of ambiguous evidence [abstract]

Grestenberger, Laura (Concordia) More span-conditioned allomorphy: voice morphology in Classical Greek [abstract]

Grillo, Nino (Humboldt), Moulton,Keir (SFU) Event Kinds and the Pseudo Relative [abstract] [poster]

Harmon, Jessica (USC) The simultaneous timing of adjunct adverbs and verbs: evidence from ASL [abstract]

Hirayama, Manami (Ritsumeikan), Hwang, Hyun Kyung (NINJAL) Not all XPs affect prosody in Japanese [abstract]

Kastner, Itamar (NYU) Syntactic versus phonological generalizations in Hebrew verbal morphology [abstract]

Keine, Stefan (UMass), Poole, Ethan (UMass) Semantic vs. syntactic intervention in tough-constructions [abstract]

Levin, Theodore (UMD) Unmarked case is unvalued Case: Default Voice in Formosan restructuring [abstract]

Li, Haoze (NYU), Law, Jess (Rutgers) At least some distributive operators aren't distributive operators [abstract]

Lionnet, Florian (UC Berkeley) A theory of subfeatural representations in phonology [abstract]

MacDonald, Jonathan (U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Carvalho, Janayna (U. Saõ Paulo), Maddox, Matthew (U. Illinois UrbanapChampaign) An argument from Brazilian Portuguese for a syntactically projected implicit argument [abstract]

Mathieu, Éric (U. Ottawa), Zareikar, Gita (U. Ottawa) Plurality and measure words: classifying versus counting [abstract]

Matyiku, Sabina (Yale) Semantic effects of head movement in negative auxiliary inversion constructions [abstract]

McFadden, Thomas (ZAS Berlin), Sundaresan, Sandhya (Leipzig) Failure to control is not a failure: it's pro [abstract]

Milway, Dan (U. Toronto) Modifying the Syntax of Spatial P in English [abstract]

Obata, Miki (Tokyo U. of Science) Unlabeled Syntactic Objects and their Interpretation at the Interfaces [abstract]

Paschen, Ludger (Leipzig), Staroverov, Peter (Leipzig) Floating, but ordered: An account of Sye verb root alternations [abstract]

Pasquereau, Jérémy (UMass) Overt movement of comparative quantifiers in European French [abstract]

Rasin, Ezer (MIT) Phonological architecture and blocking in nonderived environments [abstract]

Schwarz, Bernhard (McGill), Simonenko, Alexandra (Labex EFL) Two accounts of factive islands [abstract] [poster]

Sigurðsson, Einar (UPenn) Improper movement and over-inheritance in Icelandic [abstract]

Sprouse, Jon (UConn), Messick, Troy (UConn) How gradient are island effects? [abstract]

Tollan, Rebecca (U. Toronto), Heller, Daphna (U. Toronto) Elvis Presley on an island: wh dependency formation inside complex NPs [abstract]

Toosarvandani, Maziar (UCSC) Vocabulary insertion and locality: Verb suppletion in Northern Paiute [abstract]

Trommer, Jochen (Leipzig), Zimmermann, Eva (Leipzig) Anticyclic Mutation [abstract]

Yuan, Michelle (MIT) Case and morphosyntactic anti-identity in Yimas [abstract]

Zaleska, Joanna (Leipzig) Intervention by probe in Polish gapping [abstract] [poster]

Zehr, Jeremy (UPenn), Schwarz, Florian (UPenn) Experimental Evidence for Entailed vs Non-Entailed Presuppositions [abstract]