Paper guidelines

(updated Oct. 8, 2015)

Each paper presentation is assigned a 30-minute slot, which will be timed by a session chair. Please plan for a 20-minute presentation followed by 10 minutes of discussion.

Please introduce yourself to your session’s chair prior to your session during a break.

We encourage all presenters to have handouts, even those using Slide/PowerPoint. There will be a table at the entrance of each conference room to place your handouts on. Please give your handouts to a student volunteer at the table during the break prior to your session, so that the audience can pick up a copy when they enter. We recommend preparing ~100 copies.

Slide/PowerPoint presentation

Each conference room has a Windows laptop, a projector and a screen. The laptop has a standard Microsoft Office suite (including PowerPoint) and a PDF reader installed, and will be connected to the university’s wifi. The projector cable is VGA. If you plan to use your own device, please make sure that the device has a VGA connection. If it does not, please bring a VGA adapter in order to connect your device to the projector.
Please test your file prior to your session during a break.


We encourage all presenters, including those using slides/PowerPoint, to have handouts. Please note that the conference venue does not have on-site photocopy facilities. It is the author’s responsibility to provide sufficient copies (~100). We strongly recommend to bring the copies with you to the conference, as it may be difficult to prepare copies after your arrival in Montreal.
In case you will have to make photocopies after your arrival, Copies Concordia is the closest print/copy shop to the conference venue. Please see the map for its location.
If you would like your handout to be posted on the online conference program, please send the PDF file of your handout to with the subject “Talk handout” 3 days prior to your presentation at the latest.

Please note that there is no whiteboard/blackboard in the conference rooms.