Poster Sessions

Friday, October 16

Generalized Concept Generators Christopher Baron (UMass, UMD)
Stratum junctures and conterfeeding — against the current formulation of cyclicity in Stratal OT Karolina Broś (U. Warsaw)
Linking the collective-distributive opposition and the telic-atelic opposition Lucas Champollion (NYU) [Poster]
“Absolutive” marks extractions, not case: against the syntactic ergative analysis for the Austronesian-type voice system Victoria Chen (U. Hawaiʻi), Shin Fukuda (U. Hawaiʻi)
Actuality Entailment and Quantificational Adverb Effect in Mandarin Yi-Hsun Chen (Rutgers)
Explicit realization of weak arguments Thorhallur Eythorsson (U. Iceland), Anton Karl Ingason (UPenn), Einar Sigurðsson (UPenn)
The Syntax-Prosody Interface of Downstep in Kikuyu: Evidence for a Stratal OT Account Siri Gjersøe (Leipzig)
Toward a bestiary of English intonational contours Daniel Goodhue (McGill), Lyanna Harrison (McGill), Yuen Tung Clémentine Su (McGill), Michael Wagner (McGill)
Labelability = Extractability: Its Theoretical Implications for the Free-Merge Hypothesis Nobu Goto (Toyo U.) [Handout]
More span-conditioned allomorphy: voice morphology in Classical Greek Laura Grestenberger (Concordia)
Event Kinds and the Pseudo Relative Nino Grillo (Humboldt), Keir Moulton (SFU) [Poster]
Not all XPs affect prosody in Japanese Manami Hirayama (Ritsumeikan), Hyun Kyung Hwang (NINJAL)
Syntactic versus phonological generalizations in Hebrew verbal morphology Itamar Kastner (NYU)
Semantic vs. syntactic intervention in tough-constructions Stefan Keine (UMass), Ethan Poole (UMass)
Unmarked case is unvalued Case: Default Voice in Formosan restructuring Theodore Levin (UMD)
At least some distributive operators aren’t distributive operators Haoze Li (NYU), Jess Law (Rutgers)
A theory of subfeatural representations in phonology Florian Lionnet (UC Berkeley)
Semantic effects of head movement in negative auxiliary inversion constructions Sabina Matyiku (Yale)
Modifying the Syntax of Spatial P in English Dan Milway (U. Toronto)
Unlabeled Syntactic Objects and their Interpretation at the Interfaces Miki Obata (Tokyo U. of Science)
Floating, but ordered: An account of Sye verb root alternations Ludger Paschen (Leipzig), Peter Staroverov (Leipzig)
Phonological architecture and blocking in nonderived environments Ezer Rasin (MIT)
Interface restrictions explain German scrambling options, but cartography does not Volker Struckmeier (U. Cologne) Cancelled
Case and morphosyntactic anti-identity in Yimas Michelle Yuan (MIT)
Intervention by probe in Polish gapping Joanna Zaleska (Leipzig) [Handout]


Saturday, October 17

Modal Selectivity in the Nominal Domain: Spanish “Uno Cualquiera” Luis Alonso-Ovalle (McGill), Paula Menéndez-Benito (Pompeu Fabra)
Actuality Entailments in Palestinian Arabic Sam Alxatib (CUNY)
On Agreement With and Past Oblique Subjects: New Considerations Based on Kurmanji Ümit Atlamaz (Rutgers), Mark Baker (Rutgers)
Infixation, Integration and Phonological Cycles: Evidence from Akkadian Verbal Morphology Hesekiah Akiva Bacovcin (UPenn), Aaron Freeman (UPenn)
Multiple-Agree conspiracy: On PERSON, animacy and copular agreement Jitka Bartošová (McMaster), Ivona Kučerová (McMaster) [Poster]
The fseq of Serbo Croatian, Modern Greek and French complementizers Lena Baunaz (U. Ghent)
Locality Exponence in Distributed Morphology: Root Suppletion in Slovenian Jurij Božič (McGill) [Poster]
Case sensitive A-bar movement Kenyon Branan (MIT)
A Prosodic Account of Pseudo Noun Incorporation Lauren Clemens (SUNY Albany)
Mutually conditioned mood and object agreement in Inuit Richard Compton (UQAM)
Preposition omission in sluicing: teasing apart LF-copying and PF-deletion in a hybrid system Marcin Dadan (UConn)
Modeling Verb Placement Errors in Child Swiss German: The role of ambiguous evidence Isaac Gould (MIT)
The simultaneous timing of adjunct adverbs and verbs: evidence from ASL Jessica Harmon (USC)
An argument from Brazilian Portuguese for a syntactically projected implicit argument Jonathan MacDonald (U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Janayna Carvalho (U. Saõ Paulo), Matthew Maddox (U. Illinois UrbanapChampaign)
Plurality and measure words: classifying versus counting Éric Mathieu (U. Ottawa), Gita Zareikar (U. Ottawa)
Overt movement of comparative quantifiers in European French Jérémy Pasquereau (UMass)
Two accounts of factive islands Bernhard Schwarz (McGill), Alexandra Simonenko (Labex EFL) [Poster]
Improper movement and over-inheritance in Icelandic Einar Sigurðsson (UPenn)
How gradient are island effects? Jon Sprouse (UConn), Troy Messick (UConn)
Failure to control is not a failure: it’s pro Sandhya Sundaresan (Leipzig), Thomas McFadden (ZAS Berlin)
Elvis Presley on an island: wh dependency formation inside complex NPs Rebecca Tollan (U. Toronto), Daphna Heller (U. Toronto)
Vocabulary insertion and locality: Verb suppletion in Northern Paiute Maziar Toosarvandani (UCSC)
Anticyclic Mutation Jochen Trommer (Leipzig), Eva Zimmermann (Leipzig)
Experimental Evidence for Entailed vs Non-Entailed Presuppositions Jeremy Zehr (UPenn), Florian Schwarz (UPenn)