All registration is online, including on-site registration. Please note that we accept only credit card payments.
We encourage everyone who plans to attend to register prior to the date of the conference.
It will help us prepare for the event properly.

On-site check-in/registration

Please come to H-701 for on-site check-in/registration on Friday, October 16, 8:00-9:00am. If you have already registered online, you will receive your conference package, name tag and receipt for the registration fee at a check-in desk.
For those who are registering on-site, please see below for the registration procedure (you will need a credit card).
If you arrive after Friday 9:00am, please go to H-765.

Registration after October 4, 2015

After October 4, 2015 (EDT), the registration fee is CAD $60.00 for students (undergrad, Masters, PhD) and post-docs; CAD $120.00 for faculty and others. The fee includes breakfasts, coffee/snacks and the conference reception (food, wine and beer), as well as the federal and the provincial taxes. Only credit card payment is accepted.

Please note that we don’t accept cash/cheque/debit payments.

To fill in the registration form

  • For non-Concordia members, please sign up to create an account using your email. For Concordia members, please use your Concordia netname and password to log in.
  • Please enter the name of your university/institution and department in “Institution/Company/Group”. This information will appear on your receipt.
  • If you need an invitation letter as part of your travel documents to Canada, please indicate it on the form AND send an email to (with email subject “Letter for Visa”).