Wiki edit-a-thon

Help improve linguistics-related articles on Wikipedia!

Wikipedia is the 7th most visited site on the internet, but many of its linguistics articles are incomplete, out of date, or in need of attention from actual linguists. Editing Wikipedia has a tremendous impact on the perception of our field and is useful practice in explaining linguistics in a neutral and accessible manner.

This workshop, led by Gretchen McCulloch, will provide training in editing Wikipedia for complete beginners, plus time and support for independent or small-group editing by beginners and more experienced editors. We’ll be focusing on three main areas: linguistics stubs (too-short articles), under-documented languages, and biographic articles of female linguists, linguists of colour, and other minority linguists.

For more information about previous linguistics editathons, see posts here or tweet your editing remotely using the hashtag #lingwiki.

Pizza and soft drinks will be provided at the workshop.