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Zenon Pylyshyn (1984:xxii):
If you believe P, and you believe that P entails Q, then even if Q seems more than a little odd, you have some intellectual obligation to take seriously the possibility that Q may be true, nonetheless.
Noam Chomsky (1966:42):
An 'extended baboon' can indeed speak...
Noam Chomsky, Review of Skinner:
Everyone engaged in research must have had the experience of working with feverish and prolonged intensity to write a paper which no one else will read or to solve a problem which no one else thinks important and which will bring no conceivable reward--which may only confirm a general opinion that the researcher is wasting his time on irrelevancies. The fact that rats and monkeys do likewise is interesting and important to show in careful experiment.
Santiago Ramón y Cajal, (1999/1916) Advice for a Young Investigator:
Chapter 5—Diseases of the Will: Contemplators. Bibliophiles and polyglots. Megalomaniacs. Instrument addicts. Misfits. Theorists.